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There is often no substitute for on-the-spot, directed pain relief. Supplementing your everyday routine with THC free organic CBD or full spectrum hemp oil is a great way to decrease overall inflammation, but Capitol Organics offers our topical CBD salve for the treatment of specific problem areas and injuries. Arthritis is just one common source of chronic joint pain and damage that can be treated with our topical CBD. Our salve is also well-suited to treating pain that is caused by nagging, hard to treat conditions such as shin splints, plantar fasciitis, back pain as well as everyday bumps and bruises. When you treat a painful bruise or ligament pain with our topical salve, you can rest easy knowing that your body is receiving natural pain relief from an organic healthy source.


Professional athletes and active people everywhere are beginning to realize just how useful CBD products can be when it comes to treating common ailments and injuries. Overall soreness, bumps and bruises, arthritis, and joint pain are some of the best applications for topical and oral CBD. But our staff at Capitol Organics know that our products can be just as useful on the other side of your workout too. CBD not only offers anti-inflammatory and calming effects that can be helpful in recovery, but it is also great for loosening up before you decide to go for a run, hit the golf course or play a basketball game. Our topical CBD applications are perfectly suited to treating individual problem areas like joints and nagging injuries, while tinctures and capsules offer full-body relief for issues like back pain or general discomfort. These applications are perfect for athletes who find the intoxicating effects of THC detrimental to their performance, but would still like to supplement their warm-up with the natural benefits of our THC free organic CBD oil.
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