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How CBD Can Improve Your Everyday Life

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How CBD Can Improve Your Everyday Life

Retailers in the sphere of preventative health and wellness have trained their eyes on the healing properties associated with cannabinoids. One such cannabinoid receiving a great deal of attention in the industry is cannabidiol or CBD. CBD is an isolated form of one of the cannabinoids found in several species of cannabis plants and is becoming highly popular in the world of holistic healing and therapeutic supplementation. Most of the CBD used in wellness and self-care products are specifically derived from the components of the hemp plant and are available in specialty wellness retailers.

With the advent of countless methods for administering CBD growing, along with the increase in consumer demand for the safe and effective benefits of the cannabinoid, there have been many third-party assessments of CBD’s benefits. A 2017 study published in Frontiers in Pharmacology examined the effects of endocannabinoid therapy on neurons affected by Alzheimer’s disease. The findings connected the role of endocannabinoids’ ability to relieve oxidative stress by slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as other severe neurodegenerative conditions.

The molecular properties of CBD not only contribute to symptom relief from severe conditions but also offer preventative benefits when used as a daily supplement. The aforementioned ability of CBD to reduce oxidative stress (by acting as an antioxidant) serves to reduce cellular toxicity and protect the cells of the tissues from aging or incurring damage from free-radicals. Combined with sufficient hydration and proper nutrition, the antioxidant properties of CBD can act as a long-term safeguard against neurological conditions and even some forms of cancer.

Including CBD as a therapeutic element within a preexisting treatment plan may offer tremendous relief for individuals already struggling with chronic health conditions (especially those involving neurological dysfunction, musculoskeletal pain, or nausea/loss of appetite). Pain management and appetite stimulation are some of the most immediate effects and widely-reported benefits of CBD extracts and supplements. Higher doses may be administered orally or sublingually for optimal absorption and rapid onset of relief.

CBD is also effective against less severe conditions which may still impact the quality of life for an individual. Conditions such as depression and anxiety, muscle tension and inflammation, tendonitis, or repeated use injuries like carpal tunnel can be alleviated by CBD’s ability to ward off inflammation. NSAIDs can be taken alongside CBD extracts, and the CBD serves to dilate the blood vessels and allow for improved circulation. This enables the body to heal small tears (micro fissures) in muscle tissue more readily and causes painful inflammation to subside. Tension headaches and other physical discomforts brought on by situational or psychological distress also respond well to CBD therapy, as the cannabinoid acts as a natural and mild relaxant.

Capitol Organics is committed to delivering quality CBD backed by quality data. We uphold the safe and natural ability of CBD supplementation to improve health and quality of life. For more information about CBD, CBD products, and our mission to provide effective and safe symptom relief through therapeutic cannabinoid extracts, check out our blog or visit our website.

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